Who is Freedom Session/Authentic Living for:

Freedom Session:   It’s for those who’ve been wounded or abused in their childhood and/or their significant relationships. It’s for alcoholics, gamblers, and drug users and those who are married to them. It’s for victims of sexual abuse (both men & women) and those who are enslaved to pornography (both men and women). It’s for those who struggle with food addictions, eating disorders and for women who have had an abortion. Freedom Session is also for those who have financial struggles, battle depression, or have control and/or anger issues, It’s for those in co-dependent relationships and for those who are walking through the pain of separation or divorce.   Freedom Session  is also for those who lack purpose or motivation in life. God is using Freedom Session to heal people from virtually every possible area of woundedness. If you are reading this… there is a good chance Freedom Session is for you!

What makes Freedom Session/Authentic Living different?

Jesus Christ… He has the power to heal your pain and take away your shame.

We expect more and believe for more… Freedom Session involves a life-transforming relationship with Jesus Christ and a clear, practical explanation of how that relationship brings healing, strength, and new ways to deal with pain in our lives.

Healing versus recovery… The goal is not recovery, but healing. We believe that Jesus’ death on the cross paid the price for our spiritual and emotional healing.  The condition of many Christians today is one of brokenness, despair, bondage and fear.  To escape the pain many turn to immoral relationships, pornography, alcohol, drugs, people pleasing, perfectionism, workaholism, to name a few…some even turn  to ministry all in an attempt to escape the pain in their lives that Jesus wants to heal.  By working and applying the steps we begin to grow spiritually and heal relationally. The result is Freedom because Jesus promises that when we face the truth, He will set us free.

Depth of homework… an essential part of Freedom Session. We lead you to probe deeper and interact with the material you’ve just been taught that week in large group.  In this process we become willing to accept God’s grace and solutions to the problems we have experienced in life.

Steps 10-12… Authentic Living:  We call these the transformation steps. We teach you how to hear God personally through Bible reading and how to deal with current relational conflict and pain in a healthy God honouring way.  

How long is Freedom Session? What is my commitment?

Freedom Session is 20 weeks.  Each Session is   2½ hours long.  We have 3 offsite Going Deeper Nights designed to give more time for Small Group discussion and bonding. The evenings are divided into two parts: the Large Group teaching and Small Group Experience. You will be asked to complete a Homework Assignment each week.

How long is Authentic Living?   

Authentic Living is the follow up course for Freedom Session and runs for 10 weeks.  These evenings are also divided into two parts: the Large Group Teaching and the Small Group Experience but with the exception of a few Sessions… the Small Group Experience is within the Large Group Experience.  

Large Group Teaching… doesn’t necessarily refer to the number of people participating, but refers to the fact that everyone meets together for a teaching time.

The Small Group Experience is designed so you can interact and explore how the Large Group teaching applies to your life. This is also the time to share what you are learning about yourself, God, and your healing journey through the homework you’ve done during the week.

On Your Own:  Taking Steps towards Freedom… is the homework component, an essential part of Freedom Session that takes approximately 1 – 1½ hours to complete each week.
Homework is a required component of Freedom Session. Those who cannot or will not make the homework investment tend to drop out of the program or experience very little freedom and healing.

How much does it cost?

There is no registration fee but we ask that you pay for the Participant Guide Books. Books 1-3 are $30.00 each.

What happens after Freedom Session is over?

The Authentic Life Journal is intended for the summer months following Graduation, that helps Grads and participants walk in their healing by applying the tools they learned while in Freedom Session. Some make their way back into their communities and churches and help other hurting people find healing and freedom through Jesus Christ!