Ken & BonnieFrom my heart to yours


You have just taken one of the most important steps of your life and have begun a journey towards the freedom and healing God desires for you. Perhaps you’re not even sure it’ll work for you. That’s okay! Rest assured, many who’ve traveled this journey before you have felt the same way and are now walking in the freedom and healing they’d always thought was for others but not for them.

I too have walked this journey which, for me, began on June 19, 1982 at two o’clock AM when I threw the bottle of alcohol that enslaved me at a pole and cried out to God to take over my life. It was really more of a dare than anything. By age 19, I had totally ruined my life and told God He could have it if He thought He could do any better with it. I didn’t’ even think I would make it. But I discovered what you will discover as you walk through Freedom Session – our healing does not depend on “us making it”. I’d already proved I couldn’t. Our freedom and healing is based upon a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, the only True Higher Power, and His ability to transform the lives of those who are willing to follow Him.

Who is Freedom Session for?

Now maybe you’re not an alcoholic.  Perhaps you don’t even have an addiction.  Good for you!  But that doesn’t mean you are walking in freedom.  In fact, if your life were as great as you’ve pretended it to be for so long, you wouldn’t be reading this right now.  And we have good news for you:  Freedom Session is not a program exclusive to alcoholics and drug users.  It’s for people who hurt, who’ve been wounded in their childhood and/or their significant relationships.  It’s for broken women and emotionally frozen men.  It’s for victims of sexual abuse and those who are married to alcoholics/addicts.  It’s for co-dependants and sexual addicts.  It’s for those going through divorce and those who just know they’re missing something.  My guess is, it’s also for you!

And Freedom Session is equally effective for those without a previous Christian experience and those who’ve attended church all their lives.  Just so you know, I was raised in the church.  I knew a lot about God but somehow what I was taught and my experience of God were miles apart.  He seemed distant to me and only seemed to “show up” in the form of guilt when I’d done something wrong.

What I needed was for someone to break up God’s word to me in bite size pieces that would apply to some of the wounds and sense of inadequacy I felt.  And that is what Freedom Session is all about!

What makes Freedom Session Different?

Freedom Session is journey towards freedom and healing solidly based on timeless and tested truths found in the Bible.  Even more importantly, it rests firmly on the belief that Jesus Christ has the power to restore our lives to health and allow us to live the lives we’ve been created for.  We do use a revised version of the 12 Steps to build a bridge to those familiar with traditional recovery programs by using a common language.

What if I have a different higher power than Jesus?

Traditional 12 Step recovery programs ask you to turn your life and your will over to God “as you understand him to be”.  Freedom Session is for you as well.  We encourage you to come and participate fully and, over time, discover the difference for yourself.

I personally have attended AA meetings and a variation of AA known as AV [Alcoholics Victorious].  I always struggled with the idea that I could pick any god or that any god would do.  “If there really is a God,” I reasoned, “surely He would be able to communicate with me in a way I can understand and respond to.”  I concluded that I would be much better off seeking and finding the true God rather than making one up.  I’m pretty confident you will find the same.

One final word.  If you’re going to take the Freedom Session journey, please put your best effort into it.  You and the ones you love around you are worth it!

People who love and care about you are praying for you as you begin your journey.  I have prayed for you.  Be assured you are not alone!!
– ken b. dyck

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